With your help, we are financially committed to the improvement of human life in developing countries all over the world and has included philanthropy as a standard component of your overall purchasing experience. You can choose to help build a birthing center in Nepal or help build a care facility for disabled children in South Africa. With your purchase, you will receive a newsletter, printable certificates and news update of the project of your choice up to its final completion.

Please click below to find out more about the projects.

Birthing Centers

Bhojpur District, Nepal

In Nepal, 12 Women and 75 babies die every day in childbirth. Our Birthing Centers are reducing these deaths by 95%! We will build three more.

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Los Laureles Library

Tipitapa, Nicaragua

ODFL, in partnership with Seeds of Learning, will fund
the construction of a new 12x8 meter building at the
Los Laureles school.

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Disabled Care Facility

Tembisa, South Africa

In 2017, ODFL built the first ever center for disabled children in the township of Tembisa, population 460,000. We need to build another one.

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New classroom

Zambia, Africa

We will construct a classroom and a set of latrines for the Mbluyenji Primary School in rural Mambwe. They currently have 230 students, 1 classroom, and 2 toilets.

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Preschool Upgrades

Tembisa, South Africa

We've renovated 15 pre-schools in the township of Tembisa. We are targeting 3 more.

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Girls’ Equality Project

South Africa, Kenya,
Myanmar, Indonesia,
Nepal, Zambia, Malawi
other countries

ODFL's Girls' Equality Project provides teenage girls with reusable sanitary pads, allowing them to attend school every week of the month.

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Garhwal English Medium School

Uttarakhand, India

One Dollar for Life will work with Garhwal Organization for Uplifting the Needy to build a classroom for a school in Uttarakhand. The students currently go to school in a dirt setting.

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Ngungu Day School Classroom

Kirinyaga, Kenya

The Ngungu School in Nyeri, Kenya has a VERY dilapidated classroom for Early Childhood Development students. We will build a new one.

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